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Hungry for Music AMBASSADORS

Bill Kirchen

HFM Ambassador - "Pioneer" Guitarist

Hungry For Music. Who isn't hungry for music? I sure was, as early as I can remember. I was lucky, I had music and instruments in my home, and active music programs all the way through public school. Unfortunately, that kind of access and encouragement is way out of reach for many, many kids today. So now it's up to us to provide kids with the tools they need to stretch there brains and open their hearts with music. A little from us goes a long way. There is strong evidence that a creative life pays dividends to a child in far-reaching ways, let's give them a chance.

RollingStone on Bill Kirchen: "A joyous showing from impeccable and near-legendary guitarist Bill Kirchen...Kirchen displays a zest in his playing that is unmistakable and, all these years later, near-impossible to duplicate. A musical treasure, a fantastic player, and, in these roots-conscious times, very much a pioneer, Bill Kirchen is one of our best."

George Winston

HFM Ambassador - Pianist

It has been wonderful working with Jeff Campbell and the folks at Hungry For Music for many years, helping them with their fantastic work. It is so very important for kids to be able to have access to various musical instruments for so many reasons, to foster their creativity and positive growth oriented interactions amongst themselves and their communities.

Peter Case

HFM Ambassador - Singer/Songwriter

I know how much music meant to me as a kid growing up: it saved my life!

Hungry For Music is doing great and important work, providing free musical instruments to underprivileged kids...

Susan Cowsill

HFM Ambassador - Singer/Songwriter

I've known Jeff Campbell and his Hungry for Music organization for over 10 years now and have had the pleasure to watch his mission grow and flourish. Having witnessed Jeff personally placing instruments into the hands of kids who would otherwise not have the opportunity to play, has been an inspiration and a joy. Music is a healing art; it moves our bodies, minds, and spirit in a unique and specific fashion. Sit quiet, imagine and listen for a bit to your life without music. Yeah, I thought so.

Russ Broussard

HFM Ambassador - Drummer

I am convinced that without having my drums during my entire childhood (first drums received when I was 2 years old), I would either be dead, destitute, or deeply troubled. Throughout my life, music (and having an instrument to play it) has consistently been my best therapy. It provides a direct means of discovering and experiencing the deepest parts of the human spirit; the depth of myself that is beyond all that I can ever think that I am. I will forever support HfM to assure that kids hungering for that outlet of expression will have the opportunity of experiencing and exploring it first hand, within themselves, and on their very own instrument!

Chuck Brodsky

HFM Ambassador - Singer/Songwriter

Hungry For Music has its heart in the right place. As somebody fortunate to have been given the gift of music at an early age, I know how life-changing a musical instrument can be for a young person. Hungry For Music collects instruments that aren't being played and gives them to those who can't afford to buy them but who will treasure them.

SONiA of disappear fear

HFM Ambassador - Singer/Songwriter

I think the more we can feed our soul's music, the closer we come to the realization that we are one human family on earth needing and wanting most of the very same things. Inspired by my concert with Palestinian children I was struck by my own ability to help bring musical instruments and teachers to children who could truly benefit by Hungry for Music. I am honored to be an ambassador for Hungry for Music.

Joel Guzman

HFM Ambassador - Master Accordionist

Several years ago, I remember meeting Jeff Campbell backstage after a concert in the Washington, DC-area.. It was then that he introduced me to Hungry for Music. I was intrigued by Jeff's vision of transforming the lives of young children by blessing them with high-quality instruments. I was so impressed with his non-stop energy and genuine passion to help kids that I was inspired to do the same for Texas children. One year later, thanks to Hungry for Music and Hohner Accordions, 20 children received brand new Hohner Panther accordions. That was ten years ago. Today, Jeff Campbell is still working hard to help kids by supplying them with musical instruments.

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